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What Our Beaverton Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Chiropractic Art & Science patient testimonials below and call our Beaverton chiropractic office if you have any questions.

Our whole family gets adjusted
at Chiropractic Art & Science!

Our family has been seeing Dr. Preiss for over 10 years. Our two daughters have had numerous sports injuries and one daughter has a condition where her knees hurt because she grew tall very fast. All these conditions have been treated with expertise, great professionalism and empathy. My husband has had two serious accidents which Dr. Preiss treated both the trauma and the pain. We believe that everyone can benefit from chiropractic and that Dr. Preiss is one of the best!!

Marilyn, Beaverton

I have been a patient of Dr. Preiss since I was 11!

I’ve been seeing Dr. Preiss since I was eleven years old. After a summer of constant coughing, we found out I had scoliosis. Immediately after starting treatment, the coughs stopped and now with long term care I have better health. Mom, Dad, sisters; we all see Dr. Preiss. More recently I broke my leg near my ankle and Dr. Preiss has made it so I can now train for my first 1/2 marathon this October pain free! Anyone who wants their questions answered about all health concerns should make an appointment at Chiropractic Art & Science.

Emily, Beaverton

Eileen and Mary Ann schedule their appointments together!

I was one of Dr. Preiss’ first patients here in Portland 14 1/2 years ago. My neck wasn’t moving and I was in pain. Chiropractic Art & Science was nearby and the phone book helped me find a great doctor. Chiropractic care has kept this 88 year old woman going. I was in such pain and Dr. Preiss got me back into shape and I’ll keep coming. I’ve received such good help and my neck is pain free. My bones are old and I’m getting around just fine. I would certainly recommend Chiropractic Art & Science to my family and friends.

Eileen, Portland

I was experiencing hip problems and my friend Eileen said I should come see Dr. Preiss. His office is close and convenient and he took care of the pain fast. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Dr. Preiss can take care of their pain.

Mary Ann, Portland