Convenient Office Hours!

Prior to moving to Portland I had received chiropractic care. Dr. Preiss’ early morning hours attracted me to the office back in 2003. His staff and the convenience of adjusting hours have kept me here. I now have better overall health with Dr. Preiss’ consistent care. My entire family now sees Dr. Preiss and I’d refer anyone to Chiropractic Art & Science for their high quality of care.
– Jay, Portland

High Quality Chiropractic Care

My neck kept making a clicking sound and I was referred by someone I trusted to Dr. Preiss. I have much more mobility and flexibility in my neck and results came within a few visits. The level of service is high and the staff is very professional at Chiropractic Art & Science. The technology they use is state of the art. Family and friends should make an appointment now.
– Bill, Mountain Park

Chiropractic Art & Science Helped Me Feel Better!

I recently slipped and fell at work and immediately had lower back pain. My sister has been coming to Chiropractic Art & Science for a year and told me I had to come see Dr. Preiss. He found issues that I didn’t even know I had; including my neck not being curved correctly. Within three visits my headaches disappeared. Everyone should come see Dr. Preiss! Especially those who don’t realize how important your nervous system is to your overall health.
– Ashley, Hillsboro

Rapid Reduction of Pain After Seeing Dr. Preiss!

I found Dr. Preiss on Judy’s List two weeks ago. The references listed were all I needed to know this was the place for me. I have seen fairly rapid and significant reduction in pain in both my arm and shoulder since starting treatment. Dr. Preiss helped me understand the underlying issues to my pain. Anyone willing to listen to his advice and participate in his treatment plan will see results and achieve better health. You will feel comfortable as his staff is great!
– David, Portland

Confident in my Path

Dr. Karina is great! Was very attentive to my needs and listened carefully to me. She provided clear and understandable explanations about everything throughout the appointment and I feel confident in my path forward with her services.

Lauren W.

Very Hopeful & Pleased

The staff is very friendly and gentle and adjustments effective. This is the fifth chiropractic office I have attended in my life and I am very impressed with how comprehensive, thorough and professional their services are. I’m very hopeful and pleased with my results so far. 🙂

– Carmen B.

Very Kind and Very Thorough

I’m so very grateful to have found you! I left the office feeling better than I have in years! And they even came in an hour early on a Friday morning to accommodate me and my tight schedule. They were very kind and very thorough. I never felt rushed and the doctor took the time to explain everything beforehand. I highly recommend them.

– Kimberly C.

Amazing Staff

As this was my first time ever seeing a chiropractor I was feeling very nervous but upon arrival I was greeted by the most amazing staff. Well anyway it was very pleasant and I’m looking forward to a wonderful out come.

– Daniel H.

Very Helpful

The hospitality by the front desk staff was extremely warm, genuine, and professional. I’m very well taken care of, above and beyond the call of duty. Truly a staff that values and cares about their patients. The doctor was also extremely relatable, attentive to my condition, and very helpful explaining my test results and treatment planning. I also received a tremendous relief from the manipulations she applied which truly has helped so much. I can’t say enough good things about this office. I would highly recommend it to friends and family, and it gives me hope that my problems and my pain are treatable. I believe continued services here will only increase my health and wellness and I am grateful to have experienced their care. I am looking forward to returning!

– Grant C.

Awesome Work

I was extremely nervous at first as many of the professionals I’d seen in the past were very dismissive and I had been struggling for so long with my health issues. I’m profoundly impressed with this facility; I had such a great experience I felt it was more than warranted. Keep up the awesome work!

– Ethan R.

#1 Chiropractor

Go here only!!! Chiropractor is #1!!!! I love these people, they really CARE and make you feel comfortable and relaxed through the pain moments. Excellent staff and chiropractor!!!

– Romulus C.

Thank you!

I have already referred a friend who recently got in a car accident to them as well. I feel so much better than when I first came in. THANK YOU!

– Michelle A.


Dr. is awesome and knows what he’s going. I’m 7 months pregnant and he was gentle yet effective! So glad I found them.

– Heidi G.

Best Feeling Ever

Nothing like this experience. This is by far the best feeling ever. You guys are ALL so compassionate and helpful. I felt safe and from the start, I felt I was at the right place at the neediest moment of my pain. The trust is beyond me. I trust you enough to bring my son to you. He’s lived with headaches for years, and was recently diagnosed with scoliosis. He’s excited to finally get some help.

– Crusita C.

Wonderful Experience

Ulyssa was very welcoming and attentive when it comes to helping me schedule my first visit, she was exceptionally responsive via email and very informative and helpful. Dr. Hendrick was very kind and patient, she listened to my health history and concerns, explained everything we were doing, and was very professional but personal at the same time. This was the best healthcare experience I’ve had to date! And the office is very open and welcoming, and I can imagine myself getting better with the help and support of the staff.

– Momo M.

Helpful and Caring

Very professional and state of the art technology when it comes to the back x-rays and explanations. I found Dr. Lesley Hendricks to be helpful and caring while explaining my issues.

– Teri J.

Very Personalized

I felt like the experience was very personalized and the staff really set themselves apart from other offices.

– Shelby S.

Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience. Super helpful staff and doctors.

– Alaina K.

Exceeded My Expectations

My expectations were exceeded!

– Domonic J.

Our whole family gets adjusted at Chiropractic Art & Science!

Our family has been seeing Dr. Preiss for over 10 years. Our two daughters have had numerous sports injuries and one daughter has a condition where her knees hurt because she grew tall very fast. All these conditions have been treated with expertise, great professionalism and empathy. My husband has had two serious accidents which Dr. Preiss treated both the trauma and the pain. We believe that everyone can benefit from chiropractic and that Dr. Preiss is one of the best!!

– Marilyn, Beaverton

I have been a patient of Dr. Preiss since I was 11!

I’ve been seeing Dr. Preiss since I was eleven years old. After a summer of constant coughing, we found out I had scoliosis. Immediately after starting treatment, the coughs stopped and now with long term care I have better health. Mom, Dad, sisters; we all see Dr. Preiss. More recently I broke my leg near my ankle and Dr. Preiss has made it so I can now train for my first 1/2 marathon this October pain free! Anyone who wants their questions answered about all health concerns should make an appointment at Chiropractic Art & Science.

– Emily, Beaverton

Eileen and Mary Ann schedule their appointments together!

I was one of Dr. Preiss’ first patients here in Portland 14 1/2 years ago. My neck wasn’t moving and I was in pain. Chiropractic Art & Science was nearby and the phone book helped me find a great doctor. Chiropractic care has kept this 88 year old woman going. I was in such pain and Dr. Preiss got me back into shape and I’ll keep coming. I’ve received such good help and my neck is pain free. My bones are old and I’m getting around just fine. I would certainly recommend Chiropractic Art & Science to my family and friends.

– Eileen, Portland

I was experiencing hip problems and my friend Eileen said I should come see Dr. Preiss. His office is close and convenient and he took care of the pain fast. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Dr. Preiss can take care of their pain.

– Mary Ann, Portland