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What Our New Patients Say Continued:

I Can Walk Without Pain

I know a lot of people seek a chiropractor for back and neck pain (I did!). What I didn’t expect was that an adjustment could help my problem ankle on my first visit. My left ankle has bothered me for literally 20 years, and I had just accepted the low level pain as a constant in my life, and almost didn’t bother mentioning it during my visit. I cannot begin to describe how revolutionary it feels to walk without constant pain, and be able to rotate my foot without pain.

– Melissa H.

Patient and Caring

Thank you for being patient and caring! The flower for the first visit was such a nice thought! I really appreciated that as well! Such a great first experience as I was absolutely terrified and you guys made it so great!

– Emily C.


Amazing and personable staff, I am excited to continue using their services!!

– Thao-T.

Friendly And Welcoming

Dr. Lesley is great and is making marked improvement in my level of pain. The other staff members I’ve met are very friendly and welcoming.

– Carol K.

Made Sure I Was Comfortable

Doctor was great, did a fantastic job explaining everything and made sure I was comfortable.

– Martin M.

Highly Recommend

Highly recommend, great listeners and very friendly.

– Cheryl T.

So Excited

I am so excited that I will have a pain free life soon and have a great team to get me there.

– Debi H.


Great, friendly, comfortable environment.

– Barbara M.


I was very impressed with my appointment. Felt comfortable and at ease. I am looking forward to getting well. Everyone fills the office with such optimism and kindness.

– Colleen C.

Friendly And Knowledgeable

Staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to getting better.

– Alex S.


Dr. Preiss was excellent at sharing information on the procedures and treatments.

– Rebecca A.

Excited to Come Back

This was my first time going to a chiropractor and it was even better than I thought it would be. I felt comfortable from start to finish and I’m learning so much about my body I didn’t know. I am excited to come back again because I finally have hope that I can get better.

– Noel K.


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