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Dr. Alvin Bautista

Beaverton Chiropractor at graduation

I was born and raised in Pasig City in the Philippines. When I was twelve, my family and I moved to Beaverton, Oregon and have been living in here ever since.  I graduated Beaverton High School in 2005 and pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Physiology at University of Oregon, in Eugene, Oregon.

While studying at U of O, my interest in Complementary and Alternative Medicine classes opened up the door to alternative medicine, especially Chiropractic.  I explored various subjects from yoga, meditation, acupuncture, naturopathy, traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy.

With a passion for a more hands approach to health care as well as an interest in movement as a treatment approach to health care and wellness, I chose the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon to study chiropractic.

Dr. Bautista at the riverI specialize in sports injury prevention and rehabilitation, soft tissue therapies, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, musculoskeletal disorders and wellness care. My primary focus is providing the best quality care while assisting my patients in resuming the activities they love.

Growing up in an active home, I was always into sports. In high school, I played football in the fall, swam in the winter, played rugby as well dragon boat paddling in the spring and summer.

With interests in sports medicine, neurology and functional movement, I finished my doctorate in Chiropractic along with a Masters Degree in Exercise Sports Science in December of 2014.

Dr. Butista, Chiropractor Beaverton

When not at the clinic,  I am most likely hanging out with my family, relatives and friends. I am also involved in the local Filipino­ American Friendship Club.

My  hobbies include: Cheering for the Ducks and the Blazers, working out, hiking the along the Columbia River Gorge, exploring Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, traveling abroad, riding bicycles, paddling, snowboarding, river floating and tubing, white water rafting, and playing the Ukulele, just to name a few.

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