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Meet Dr. Karina Donskoy

Karina Donskoy

The Road to Chiropractic

I originally wanted to be a forensic anthropologist. Inspired by CSI and Temperance “Bones” Brennan, I yearned to solve murder mysteries and collect and identify bone fragments. I loved anatomy and dissection in college, and worked at the Anthropology labs at the University of California, Santa Cruz identifying and packaging all sorts of animal remains. However, halfway through my undergraduate education, I felt lonely working in labs. Although I loved anatomy science, I realized dead people weren’t very good at conversation, and I missed sharing a laugh over an overly strong cup of black coffee. The timing was great because just as I was coming to this realization, I was hit by a car while riding my bike. Undergoing orthopedic surgery and the rehabilitation process made me realize I could apply my love for anatomy into health sciences and I chose chiropractic because everyone I talked to loved their chiropractor. I thought that was a good reason to choose a profession. I rehabilitated my knee, moved to Sweden for six months (I felt it was important to get the travel bug and pastry obsession out of my system), moved back to Santa Cruz (to the dismay of my parents who wanted me back in Los Angeles), and began my training towards a career in health sciences.

In my junior year of college, I began working as a physical therapy aide and volunteering in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, until I started graduate school. In my year off between college and graduate school, I lived a very simple life working and volunteering, sleeping on an air mattress, walking cats around on the neighborhood, and biking through the Santa Cruz mountains.

During this time, I also began weight lifting and joined a Crossfit gym. Due to the injuries sustained in my bike accident, I could no longer compete in tennis or run half marathons. I was very turned off by the machismo culture in globo gyms and professional sports teams, and needed a change. I saw a guy wearing a Crossift shirt on the Santa Cruz boardwalk; I stepped into a gym the next day, signed a six-month commitment that day, and haven’t looked back since. Something about simple equipment and pull up rigs in a big empty warehouse spoke to me instantly and I began participating in local competitions in the Bay Area shortly after.

Dr. Karina and dogs

A Chiropractic Education

I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA because their sports oriented philosophy appealed to me. I attended adjusting, soft tissue, and motion palpation seminars and treated a variety of patients in my last year of school under a great mentor and a group of amazing and supportive classmates. I am certified in Rock Tape and Gavilan, an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization protocol. My philosophy to chiropractic is simple: I want to help people feel better and get them back to doing what they love and I like seeing them achieve the goals they set for themselves.

After finishing chiropractic school, I had no interest staying in San Jose. I tossed several cities into a hat to choose my next destination. I knew I could be a chiropractor anywhere, so I wanted to live somewhere that matched my ideals and lifestyle, and offered some decent camping spots with the occasional cluster of trees. I sold everything I owned and drove ten hours to start a new chapter away from the obsessive work culture of the tech world. In my free time, I enjoy partaking in discussions completely based off sarcasm and dry humor, and the more typical hobbies of hiking around and eating a sushi burrito from a food cart. I own an Australian Shepherd puppy named Henry who also enjoys good times, especially when socks, bones, or a good run is involved.

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