Dr. Jo Eddins is a Chiropractor in Portland, Oregon. He completed his doctorate at the University of Western States in 2020. Dr. Eddins has a Bachelor of Exercise Science as well as a Bachelor of Human Biology. He has extensive training in treating a variety of conditions such as back pain, sciatica, neck pain, motor vehicle recovery, whiplash, headaches, vertigo, jaw pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, foot pain, and peripheral neuropathy. Dr. Eddins uses a variety of different tools such as Diversified Technique, Arthrostim, Myofascial Release, Active Rehab, and more, to get you feeling your best.

Dr. Jo fell in love with the chiropractic profession at a young age after suffering a neck injury while playing hockey. Chiropractic care was the only thing that brought him relief and got him back on the ice doing what he loved. Dr. Eddins, originally from Alberta, Canada, was born with a passion for sports and in college received a scholarship to play NCAA Division II golf for a private school in South Carolina. He continues to fuel his love for golf on the weekends. If you are a golfer having pain, come on in and let Dr. Jo diagnose that swing!

On a personal note…
“I live in Portland with my wife, Dr. Robin (also a chiropractor), and our rescue dogs and cat. We enjoy camping, golfing, and hanging out in the backyard as a family. I am also a part of the Rose City Hockey Club, coaching and sharing my love for hockey with young players.”